How to create harmony in your life

How to create harmony in your life


How do you prepare for the next day? The quality of your sleep patterns and the morning ritual play a significant role in your daily life. These are valuable choices that enhance the best in you. As we take a closer look at the nuances of what’s really important we realize perhaps we overlooked some things. By putting some vitality in our stride it’s no longer just another day, it's special. This infectious energy that can be generated is no accident. This is about aligning our frequencies and finding our day to day flow state. When we become more aware and definitely more present we sense more and our vision is vivid and clear. Regardless of the goal of our journey our spirit is pulled in the direction of creative consciousness. And it brings us to the place we call our higher self. We all love that place however modern living, demands and busyness often makes us forget and neglect. Here are a few things to execute, contemplate and even consider that can provide some necessary tools that ease our bodies and mind. 




  1. Breathing awareness: Slow rhythmic breathing allows you to decrease your heart rate and respiration, therefore slowing down brainwaves, altering the overall state of your body.


  1. Humming: Humming with your own voice can improve health, greatly reduce stress, release negative emotions, strengthen the immune system, increase energy, and improve self-confidence. This allows you to tune into your own vibration and create peace.


  1. Meditation: Fold your hands in your lap and close your eyes, right where you are. Take a few slow deep breaths. Let go of the tension in your neck and shoulders. Focus on a word or phrase (mantra) or follow the rise and fall of your chest.


  1. Musical rhythms: Music is one of the best ways to create harmony in your life. Find music, which suits the mood you wish to create. Slow and relaxing, sensual and romantic, fast and energetic. Music naturally entrains the mood of the soul.


  1. Color and light therapy: By concentrating on a particular healing color, the visualization of that color will be projected. If we focus on a color, the energy emanates from our body and begins to change the frequency that resonates with that particular color.


  1. Energy cycles: Nature speaks to the soul, and the cycles of the moon and tides have great power. Understanding the basic lunar cycles can help us understand how these cycles influence our lives.


  1. Circadian rhythm: This is our internal daily biological clock. This wake/sleep cycle clock can be influenced by many different elements, such as light and darkness, time of day, and temperature. When in balance, it powers the brain to regulate activity throughout the body.


  1. Seasonal healing: This is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that it is time to evaluate our health. Our moods and bodies change as the seasons change. Our past cultures have learned how to harmonize their bodies with the world around them. Practice responsible prevention. Cleanse and purify and renew.


  1. Movement: Moving is what your body instinctively wants to do, especially under stress. Movement burns off some of the stress chemicals tension produces. Regular exercise builds stamina that can help anyone battle stress. But even something as casual as a walk around the block can help circulate fresh blood and relieve tension.


  1. Self-communication: Understanding your perspective can lend insight to your awareness. The ability to be conscious of the day’s events and engage in healthy stimuli adds value to each and every day. Awareness determines what you pay attention to and what is important in the moment, as well as how you carry out your intentions and what you remember of your activities and experiences that occur each day. It also affects how we choose to communicate with others.


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