Head Facilitator / Guide

MEET RAMSAY MEAD: Your Guide and Facilitator on the Path of Healing

With an unwavering dedication to natural healing and energy medicine spanning over three decades, Ramsay Mead's journey has been one of transformation and empowerment. From the depths of personal healing to guiding others along their own paths, Ramsay's expertise has touched the lives of many, including billionaires, professional athletes, and wellness seekers seeking true vitality.

His journey began as he seamlessly integrated a holistic approach into the realm of alternative medicine. Fueled by a profound desire to facilitate healing in himself and others, Ramsay embarked on a quest to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. His unconventional insights have since been validated, leading to tangible change and remarkable transformations.

Ramsay's extensive training encompasses disciplines such as Qigong, Chinese boxing, Tai chi, Yoga Therapy, Bodywork, and a multitude of other healing modalities. Collaborating with celebrity doctors and prominent experts in natural healing has further enriched his wealth of knowledge. Notably, Ramsay is an active advocate within the conscious community, supporting the growth of awareness and well-being.

The desert landscape has been a canvas for Ramsay's healing endeavors, where he has shared his wisdom through retreats and healing events. With heartfelt gratitude, he unveils Camp Vortex Retreats – a culmination of dedicated efforts from talented friends and supporters. These exquisite properties stand as sanctuaries dedicated to health and healing, offering a safe haven to tap into innate healing potentials.

Ramsay's mission is to provide a space where blocks are dissolved, self-reliance is nurtured, and true healing is unlocked. He invites you to embark on a transformative journey, where his guidance and the power of these healing spaces converge to uplift, inspire, and ignite your innate potential for vitality.

Join Ramsay and the dedicated team at Camp Vortex Retreats – a holistic haven where healing is a reality and your journey to well-being becomes a remarkable testament to the potential within you.


Chef & Facilitator

INTRODUCING ADAM FALLEN: Chef, Musician, and Healing Enthusiast

Meet Adam Fallen, a multi-talented individual whose journey has traversed the realms of music, production, and holistic well-being. With a rich twelve-year history in the music industry, including global tours with prominent pop artists, Adam's realization that his own health was the missing note prompted a profound transformation.

As an accomplished international musician and producer, Adam's experience brought him face-to-face with the vitality that resonates from within. This revelation sparked a deep passion for holistic health and healing, leading him to embrace the roles of both a chef and a holistic lifestyle coach.

Adam's quest for knowledge and personal growth propelled him to study under esteemed industry leaders and mentors in the realm of alternative health. Armed with this wisdom, he embarked on his own healing journey, addressing mental and physical challenges head-on. Today, Adam stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing a holistic approach to well-being.

His radiant spirit and unwavering dedication to healing have made him an integral part of the Camp Vortex Retreats team. Adam's joyous demeanor and genuine passion for spreading healing resonate through his culinary creations and coaching sessions. As Chef and Facilitator, he crafts nourishing meals that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body and soul.

At Camp Vortex Retreats, Adam's presence adds an extra layer of enrichment to your journey. His culinary artistry and holistic lifestyle insights infuse each moment with the essence of well-being. With a warm smile and a commitment to sharing healing, Adam invites you to experience transformation, embracing vitality from the inside-out.

Join us in welcoming Adam Fallen – an embodiment of the harmonious balance between music, healing, and holistic living – to the Camp Vortex Retreats family.


Chef & Yoga Instructor

INTRODUCING ASHLEY CHAVEZ: Chef, Yoga Instructor, and Ayurvedic Nutrition Educator

Meet Ashley Chavez, a versatile and passionate individual whose expertise spans the realms of Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga instruction, and holistic cooking. With a wealth of knowledge and a heart dedicated to wellness, Ashley brings a unique blend of culinary artistry and yogic wisdom to the Camp Vortex Retreats experience.

As an Ayurvedic nutrition educator and counselor, Ashley's deep understanding of this ancient system of healing forms the foundation of her culinary creations. Her meals are more than just food – they have carefully crafted nourishment that harmonizes with the body's natural rhythms. Infused with flavor and rustic elegance, her dishes are a celebration of balance and well-being.

Beyond the kitchen, Ashley also guides guests through invigorating yoga sessions. Her role as a yoga instructor complements her approach to nutrition, providing a holistic framework for health and vitality. With a nurturing presence, she helps participants connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits, fostering an environment of self-discovery and growth.

Ashley's family-style approach to cooking mirrors her belief in the power of community and connection. She believes that the act of sharing a meal brings people together, creating bonds that nurture both the body and the soul. Her joyful and approachable demeanor shines through as she teaches and spreads the joy of cooking and holistic living.

At Camp Vortex Retreats, Ashley's presence amplifies the experience, bringing the principles of Ayurveda and yoga to life through every meal and yoga practice. Her guidance empowers guests to embark on a journey of well-being that extends beyond their retreat experience.

We invite you to join us in embracing the wisdom and warmth that Ashley Chavez brings to Camp Vortex Retreats. Through her culinary creations, yoga sessions, and holistic teachings, she invites you to savor the flavors of vitality and wholeness.


Event Director

Meet Sunny Nassiam, the mastermind behind the seamless logistics and impeccable operations at Camp Vortex Retreats. With a wealth of experience in hospitality and a passion for excellence, Sunny ensures that every guest's journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Sunny's exceptional organizational skills shine as she orchestrates the intricate dance of on-site logistics. She flawlessly coordinates a symphony of vendors, transport teams, practitioners, therapists, and staff members to create a harmonious and enriching experience for each and every guest. Her attention to detail and dedication to quality ensures that every aspect of the retreat runs smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond her expertise in operations, Sunny is an active participant in the Iranian-American community, embodying the values of unity, cultural celebration, and togetherness. Her genuine embrace of joy and connection creates an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity, making each guest feel like a cherished part of the Camp Vortex Retreats family.

With a background deeply rooted in hospitality, Sunny understands the importance of curating an environment where guests can truly unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with themselves and others. Her commitment to excellence and her genuine care for the well-being of each guest shines through in every detail.

At Camp Vortex Retreats, Sunny's behind-the-scenes dedication elevates the retreat experience to a level of sophistication and comfort that sets the stage for transformation and growth. With Sunny at the helm of operations, you can rest assured that your journey will be marked by seamless service, top-tier quality, and a warm sense of community.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the remarkable dedication and expertise that Sunny brings to Camp Vortex Retreats. With her at the helm, your retreat experience is guaranteed to be a harmonious blend of tranquility, luxury, and joyful togetherness.