The Mystic Sky Desert Ranch awaits to envelop you in its captivating desert charm. Set against the sprawling desert landscape and offering picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, including the iconic Goat Mountain, this property is a sanctuary of natural beauty and tranquility.

The main house of The Mystic Sky Desert Ranch is a spacious and luminous retreat, adorned with large windows that allow the desert sunlight to flood in, and a prominent firepit that beckons cozy nights under the desert stars. It's a haven for gatherings, where friends and families can come together to share stories, enjoy delicious meals, and create cherished memories. With a myriad of inviting corners and spaces, it provides the perfect environment to bond, relax, and connect.

Among the offerings of this unique property is The Healing Studio, which promises its own vortex experience. This space is well suited for yoga sessions, sound healing, massage, and even mastermind training. Here, guests can find a special connection to the energy of the land and the spirit of the desert. And for those seeking a touch of adventure, we offer glamping sites and a camping area, allowing you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

As the sun graces the desert sky each morning, gather with friends to partake in sunrise mind-body practices. Experience the joy of a delectable meal under the patio while gazing out at miles of uninterrupted desert vistas. Seek respite from the midday sun in our air-conditioned yoga and meditation studio, attached to a lounge that provides fresh air and sweeping views of the iconic Joshua Trees dotting the property.

As the sun begins its descent, The Mystic Sky Desert Ranch comes alive with enchanting possibilities. Explore the grounds, indulge in indoor-outdoor dining options, fire up the BBQ, unwind in the cowboy tub, or luxuriate in the jacuzzi spa. But it's when the night unveils its celestial canvas of stars that the true magic of the desert comes alive. Find your spot in the hammock circle, gather around the firepit, and let the stories of your day intertwine with the whispers of the desert wind.

For larger groups and corporate events, we offer The Oracle experience, seamlessly combining all our properties to create an unforgettable collective journey of discovery and connection. At The Mystic Sky Desert Ranch, the essence of the desert whispers in every rustle of the breeze, inviting you to savor the beauty, serenity, and unity it brings.

  • ~ Victoria

    Absolutely amazing! The pictures don’t do it
    justice. This place had it all! I stayed here with 8 other girls and we fit perfectly. so beautifully put together & offers premium amenities. 

  • ~ Nick

    The ultimate mind -body retreat experience I
    was overly impressed with all the staff and learned new life tools to bring back. Thanks for a truly amazing time!

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