Qi Gong

Join us in a series of smooth flowing and enjoyable movements that build internal energy within. This energy is known as Qi (chi). This circulating Energy promotes self-healing, treating and preventing disease, boosting vitality, delaying premature aging, amongst many more health benefits. This also strengthens the intimate relationship with nature, the universe and other human beings. This is a peaceful restorative practice that deepens the mind-body connection and normalizes all body systems.

Who is Qi Gong for?

All ages are welcome to participate as well as health care providers, yoga instructors, life coaches, personal trainers and anyone that is passionate about natural healing and seeking a new different experience.


  • Why practice Qi gong ?

    The ultimate medical alternative promoting healing and a lifestyle of harmony. This 5000-year-old system shows how to take responsibility for one's own health. A complete self-care mind and body way to exercise and strengthen your entire body. As a result of making this a regular practice, your internal organs relax and the body discovers new found levels of optimal wellbeing. Helps to develop life tools to handle stress better, sleep deeper and approach life with a renewed mental state and awareness. A path that can potentially lead to the best version of you!

Ramsay Mead Master Instructor

Welcome! My life's journey has been about healing myself from a chronic disease and helping others to heal along their paths. I have been associated with healing and energy medicine for over 30 plus years. Formally trained in Qi gong, Chinese
boxing, Tai chi, Yoga Therapy and Bodywork. I offer master level instruction in movement therapy, clinical detoxification and nutritional balancing. I lead large groups, retreats and teacher training. I have chosen the beautiful high desert to blend my passion for nature and healing.